Expertise is a responsibility

We do not take this responsibility lightly and take pride in providing the best solution

Being experts in software development, we see it as our responsibility to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. When you are not a car mechanic you have no choice but to trust the mechanic of the car repair shop. As software mechanics we see it as our mission to life up to the trust our clients give us.

We put our cards on the table. Many of our products are open source. By allowing everyone take a look in our kitchen, we not only show that we have nothing to hide, we also allow others to learn from our solutions.


As the world changes, we change with it

The world is a continuously changing environment, by embracing change we loose fear of it

A plan is a guideline and subject to change. The clients wishes always evolve during the time of a project. With our agile approach we are able to embrace change instead of fearing it, letting the product evolve with the clients wishes within budget.


Most interesting things lie beyond the horizon

By remaining curious, we keep discovering and learning new things

Curiosity drives innovation. We take nothing for granted and question things people take as facts. Why not fly a drone to experience a birds view on a field. Why not build a lego tractor to show kids how farming works. If we think something can be improved, we just start to do it, go outside and discover the world.


Learn more about LimeTri projects

Take a look in our kitchen and discover our exiting projects:

AgroSense AgroSense AgroSense AgroSense AgroSense AgroSense

Worlds first and only open source farm management and analyses system.


Open source logistics planning, tracking and tracing system.


Open source urban green management system


next generation Indoor sports scoring systems

Lego tractor lego-tractor

Educational program to teach kids about mechanics and farming

Drone gui drone-gui

Control your drone from your laptop

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